As part of a $37,000,000 expansion and renovation of the Strong - National Museum of Play, the designers & curators at the museum wanted to educate, inform, and entertain visitors to their new PLAY & Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden exhibits.
  Full Circle Studios was chosen to create animations, shoot nature photography of butterfies, and edit & author ten digital video presentations that enhance the experience of the museum’s world-class exhibits.
  Dancing Wings visitors are introduced to the butterfly garden’s denizens, their lifecycle, their environments & varieties, given an exhibit etiquette lesson, and are encouraged to make their own butterfly garden at home.
  PLAY visitors are introduced to the six main aspects of play - anticipation, pleasure, surprise, strength, understanding, and poise. These aspects of PLAY are central to the premise that play is an essential part of the human character & psyche.
Strong - National Museum of Play - Rochester, NY
  Tips on Digital Video Photography of Butterflies
  The first thing you notice is that butterflies will not pose for you. You need to sneak up on them or wait patiently until they come to you. The most frequently captured footage was of where the butterfly was just a second ago...where the butterfly was supposed to land but didn’t... or of bees - who are very cooperative.
  Butterflies also do not fly in any particular direction or path and are difficult to follow. But once they find something good to eat, they are willing to linger while you take their picture.
  Full Circle photographers shot hours of footage for just a few minutes of butterfly screen time. We also have lots of footage of the aforementioned bees, some birds, foliage, and - unexplained - some fish. Editing this all down to the very best shots was quite a task.
  Special Thanks to the Niagara Parks Commission & The Niagara Butterfly Conservatory for permission to photograph their butterflies for this production.
Matt Harper of Strong - National Museum of Play, points out butterflies of note to photographer & editor Jason Holler of FCS.
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